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It's Ok to GIve Up Chocolate

03-04-2017 (7.52 MB)

A popular Lenten devotion site advertises itself by saying"Don't Give Up Chocolate for Lent." Really, giving up is a good thing!

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Back With a New Season

02-23-2017 (2.4 MB)

I'm starting a new season of podcasting as well as hoping to do some other production.

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About Those Other Issues

06-17-2015 (8.85 MB)

As Catholics, we have a duty to be pro-life, but what about these other issues that we need to tend to? Why are some Catholics repulsed by social justice?

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Get Out of Bed

05-28-2015 (5.81 MB)

One way to do penance is to try to get out of bed as soon as it is time without using the snooze.

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Our Spirituality Should Be Centered on the Eucharist

05-28-2015 (2.6 MB)

The Eucharist is Christ's great gift to us, and truly Catholic spirituality should be centered on the Eucharist.

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What Are Our Plans Compared to God's?

08-31-2014 (2.73 MB)

We may fear losing our freedom when following the will of God, but what are our plans anyway compared to the plans of God?

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When the Official Programs Do Not Convey the Faith

08-13-2014 (3.27 MB)

One of the most frustrating things in trying to help people learn the fullness of the Catholic faith is that even some of the official programs available in your area may not be truly teaching the faith.

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Orthodoxy and Avoiding Friendly Fire

07-27-2014 (3.53 MB)

There are different groups and different spiritualities within the Church that are still orthodox. While there may be legitimate issues in any particular movement, it's important that we do not become overly critical of other movements.

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