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Dedicated to bringing forth the things that really matter, even if our society doesn't recognize it. We can also have a little fun while we are at it.

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Blessed John Paul II

05-05-2011 (5.53 MB)

After asking prayers for those involved in the recent tornadoes and floods, David talks a bit about what Blessed John Paul II's life and pontificate meant.

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04-20-2011 (2.44 MB)

David finishes his Lenten series with Almsgiving, but, before that, he briefly speaks about how Jesus could have easily come off the cross.

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Thoughts on Prayer

04-06-2011 (5.68 MB)

As part of the series for Lent, David talks a little about prayer.

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Lent and Giving Up iPad 2

03-08-2011 (6.32 MB)

David wants to talk about Lent, but he is distracted by the release of the iPad 2. For the record, David doesn't plan to buy an iPad 2.

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Spiritual vs Natural Influence

01-31-2011 (5.62 MB)

After talking about my new iPad and giving my comments on the Android vs iPhone (or Microsoft vs Apple) debate, I talk about demonic possession. Actually, I talk about how things can be of human origin.

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The Pope's Comments

12-19-2010 (7.28 MB)

After a bit of goofing off, I dive into and give my own perspective on the Holy Father's comments on condom use. Let's just say that I'm certain that our media has it wrong, and they always do seem to distort our Holy Father.

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New Name

11-11-2010 (5.39 MB)

The podcast and blog has a new name as of last week. Here I;ll talk a little more about it and then switch gears to talk about what I've been reading.

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Monasteries and Missalettes

10-28-2010 (5.5 MB)

My wife and I made a pilgrimage last weekend, and I'll talk about a disclaimer that is, of all places, in your missalette and hymnal.

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First Episode

10-10-2010 (5.74 MB)

David talks about why he is podcasting and then turns technical with his favorite features of the Motorola Droid.

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Universal Call to Holiness

01-02-2009 (13.1 MB)

RCIA talk given on May 8, 2008 at Incarnation Catholic Church.

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