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Dedicated to bringing forth the things that really matter, even if our society doesn't recognize it. We can also have a little fun while we are at it.

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It's Ok to GIve Up Chocolate

03-04-2017 (7.52 MB)

A popular Lenten devotion site advertises itself by saying"Don't Give Up Chocolate for Lent." Really, giving up is a good thing!

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Back With a New Season

02-23-2017 (2.4 MB)

I'm starting a new season of podcasting as well as hoping to do some other production.

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About Those Other Issues

06-17-2015 (8.85 MB)

As Catholics, we have a duty to be pro-life, but what about these other issues that we need to tend to? Why are some Catholics repulsed by social justice?

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Our Spirituality Should Be Centered on the Eucharist

05-28-2015 (2.6 MB)

The Eucharist is Christ's great gift to us, and truly Catholic spirituality should be centered on the Eucharist.

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The Blessed Virgin Mary

06-01-2014 (5.46 MB)

I'm introducing my son Benedict to my podcast listeners first, and then I get into a brief overview of what Catholics believe about the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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A Look at the Affordable Care Act

04-09-2014 (10.28 MB)

In this episode, David takes a look at the good and the bad aspects of the Affordable Care Act. In the second segment, he talkes about the serious problem of the contraceptive coverage mandate.

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Religion vs Jesus = False Dichotomy

02-07-2012 (8.36 MB)

The video went viral on YouTube. A well-produced show of why one guy "hates religion" but "loves Jesus" actually gives a false dichotomy, kind of like law vs love. David tries to cover in 18 minutes. Hold onto your hat (just kidding).

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Introducing Simon Ancell

10-16-2011 (2.4 MB)

It has been a while, and this podcast will explain it. David brought his newborn son on the show. He didn't say much, but it was a great chance to introduce him.

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The Cloud, New Mass Translation

08-21-2011 (9.37 MB)

This is David's last episode before his son is born, and it's probably the longest and most technical. He starts by talking about "The Cloud" and then moves to the New Mass Translation.

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Heavy Handed, Yeah, Right

05-20-2011 (7.11 MB)

After sharing the story of, well, a different kind of conversion, David tackles the question of whether the Church is "heavy handed"; in her discipline.

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